Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Road Rage!!!!

This blog has been a long time coming. For the last 2 months, I have witnessed an amazing behavior in society. The people here tend to have an air of "entitlement". Their life is more important than anyone else who would happen to cross their path. I'm not exactly sure where to begin... so I'll start with what brought out my first episode of "Road Rage" ever! (Those of you who have ridden with me, know I am the calmest most law abiding driver.)

Today, Allie and I were out running errands. I was first at a light that is 1- Very short and 2 in a crazy 5-way intersection. I've been through it several times. Most times there are "ballsy" drivers that will enter the intersection even when they know they will wind up sitting in the middle of the road. This very situation happened. So when my light turned green, I pulled into the intersection as far as I could, thanks to a driver already sitting in the road. A taxi was behind me honking to move. Then this idiot had the audacity to pull around me and cut the car off that was in front of me. I had my window down and proceeded to scream at him, "WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GO? I'D BE HAPPY TO GO THERE, BUT THERE IS A CAR IN FRONT OF ME!" Allie sitting in the car seat behind me says, "You yell at him, mommy!" Now this craziness doesn't stop here, because the car that was behind the taxi proceeds to do the EXACT SAME THING! They made their own lane and passed me AND the car that was in front of me.

The sad thing is, I see this behavior all the time. In pedestrians, bike riders, bus drivers, taxi and other drivers. I've grown up in Kansas my whole life. There are people who drive faster and more careless than me back home, but here it's to the tenth power! One of these days I will make a blog about several of the good stories of pompousness.

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