Sunday, October 10, 2010

Salem, MA-Take 1

It's October!!! So where do we go for a Sunday Day Trip... Salem, MA. I love this town! (Everywhere we went, Jake or I would say, "We have GOT to bring Jennie here!") It was so much fun! When we were driving up, I told the kids we would get a witches hat for Allie and something "pirate" for Owen. And we didn't leave disappointed or empty handed. Enjoy our pics. We WILL be going back again... SOON!!!

We found a statue of the "Bewitched" witch. Owen climbed up and posed himself.

Allie had to do the same thing!

This fountain is built right where the "original" well for Salem was. Very cool carving!

Witch Hat. CHECK!

Pirate sword. CHECK!

Authentic Witch's House.

Reminded me of "Hocus Pocus".

This boat is called "Friendship". This was the view from the place we ate lunch at.

This was my lunch. I always knew a crab cake would make a good sandwich... and it WAS!

The kids and I by the harbor.

Witches parking.

Jake and the kids by "The House of Seven Gables".

Statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

An amazing candy/sweets store.

Allie sitting outside the store eating a lollipop.


peanut3762 said...

LOVE IT!!!! I WANNA GO! I'll take it! Yup, wow, just wow.

george said...

And forget not the history lesson that will forever be burned into the ages.....
This time of Salem!!! Wow! I am sure that many memories will be made for all of Salem!! Priceless photos....every one is worth a thousand words...

Angie said...

I love Salem- super fun to go in Oct.