Friday, October 1, 2010

Stop and enjoy the view

Today, Jake was off so he took Owen to school and Allie on a "Daddy Date". While I went on a much wanted scenic run of Cambridge. I've driven the same route 4 times a day, when I take Owen to school. The buildings and architecture that I've passed always caught my eye. So I took my camera and went on a run. (I'm now 7+ miles closer to you Julie!) These are just a FEW of the photos I took. Enjoy Cambridge.

I love these small brown-stones.

The Stoughton House, yeah... it's black!

I guess these two occupants couldn't decide what color to paint the house!

Building in Harvard, from the Harvard foot bridge.

One of the MANY bridges over the St. Charles River.

I love how slightly different they all are.

Harvard Foot Bridge

Me across Memorial Drive in front of the Harvard Foot Bridge.

I love the sight of a road going around a bend with trees lined on both sides.

This is where they house boats for the Regatta.

Cool apartment building and courtyard.

I really love this blue house. (angle 1)

(angle 2) That's a gargoyle on the porch!

Next time you go somewhere, walk or run... stop and enjoy the view!


peanut3762 said...

I absolutely LOVE the blue house!!! It's so me, right down to the gargoyle!

george said...

Should of taken a closeup of the gargoyle!!! is amazing the architecture you may pass every day and never really see it!! I plan on taking a few dozen pictures of the local architecture in Topeka. The way some of the area changes seemingly overnite sometimes...go back and compare over the years...Great shots of Cambridge!!