Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was Allie's first day of dance class. I don't think she was all that impressed with the lesson itself... she's the oldest in the class and she's had more dance experience than the rest of the class. But I think she enjoys the interaction with other little girls. Her class is in the second floor of an old baptist church. It's AWESOME!!!

Here is the North side of the church.

Here is the sign outside, advertising the classes.

South side huge window.

Dance studio on the inside of that huge window. (We are up above in the second floor looking down.)

The name of the room that she has her class in. Very fitting!

Striking a pose before class begins.

Watching herself in the wall of mirrors.

Watching the teacher during warm-up.

The last picture I was able to take, before the teacher shut the door.

It was rather dark inside the church, so my pictures aren't the best. But this place is so cool looking. It just amazes me what they can do with buildings here. They don't tear ANYTHING down, they just re purpose it.

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george said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words...making memories for all to see.....the cost to us is free...but to everyone....they are Priceless!!!