Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl

I am so happy and excited to have Hurricane Earl coming to visit! I had better explain this last statement.

Yesterday, it was 91 degrees INSIDE our apartment. It was MISERABLE!!! I tried my best to find stuff to do where it was air conditioned and we didn't have to walk to. But that only kept us busy until about 1:30. Then we came to our sauna and melted. Both kids were either naked or almost naked. I had all the windows open and both fans on high. I was really thinking of bringing back the Moo-moo style. Mrs. Roper had a good thing going there.

Well, this morning we awoke to 75 degrees in here. It was lovely! Apparently, after Earl comes through tonight, the highs won't get above 80 outside. This means cooler temps inside. I am so looking forward to his visit. I'm hoping it's a short and fairly uneventful visit. I'll post tomorrow as to how it goes. But right now, I love this cooler weather.

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george said...

Do you remember the summer back in Oz when temperatures stayed around 100 24/7 for several weeks???? But I do understand....the heat can be totally unbearable....good luck with the changing weather!