Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day-2010

Dear G. G., Grandma and Papa Arnett, Nana and R. J., Gramma Karen and Grandpa George

We may be lots and lots and lots of miles away, but we think of you all the time. We talk about the fun stuff we've done together while looking at mommy's pictures on the computer. It will better after we come back to Kansas. But until then, we will continue to have a blast in Boston and miss you guys.

Lots of Love,

Allison and Owen

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george said...

Thank you very much....Alllie and Owen......We think of you all the time....and when we see something...Owen would love that...Alllie would really like that! Seeing the world through your eyes....keeps us young at heart!! We love you very much and miss you!