Friday, September 10, 2010

Mike's Pastry

When I first knew I was going to be moving to Boston, Jake and I came here for a few days last October to check it out. Some friends of mine suggested checking out this small family-owned bakery on North Shore called Mike's Pastry. Unfortunately, we weren't able to squeeze it into our few days here. So I vowed to try it at least once after we moved here. Last weekend, after we went whale watching, I was checking my map and saw that the bakery was about a half a mile from where we were. I told Jake I would run over to it and get a slice of cake while he and the kids played at this playground. So off I ran! I found it easily. How could I miss the CRAZY-INSANE line out the door and down the block??? (see exhibit A)

Exhibit A

So I wasn't able to get a slice of cake. Instead I slowly walked back the way I came and realized I was strolling through Little Italy. It was AWESOME!!! There were cool accents, cooler stores and the COOLEST cars (see exhibit B).

Exhibit B

Not to be discouraged, I planned my next attempt. Owen's first day of school was the perfect time. He was in school all day, Jake was taking Allie on a date. I had the day to myself to explore. So as soon as I could, I walked to Porter Square... I took the T to Park Station... grabbed the Green Line to Haymarket Station... walked to Hanover Street... turned left and walked about 3 blocks through Little Italy and there it was. With NO LINES!! Of course it was 11:00 in the morning. I walked right in and took 10 minutes just looking at all the coolers of baked goods. It looked like what an Italian bakery should look like. I was so excited! I couldn't decided on just one slice. So I gave the lady my order and she gave me the elusive box. (see exhibit C)

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit D is the insides of that fabulous box. 1 slice of Boston Cream, 1 slice of Chocolate Fudge, 1 slice of German Chocolate and 2 white cupcakes with white frosting/sprinkles (for the kids). These were AMAZING!! I had to take 3 different nights to eat all my slices, but the last one I ate last night still tasted good. Mike's Pastry might be an adventure to get, but it is well worth the wait. Now... when can I go back?


Larsen's in Wyoming said...

You're making me hungry! That cake looks so yummy! It sounds like it was worth all the trouble to get to the bakery.

peanut3762 said...

Are they hiring???

george said... could convince them to hire you on the strength of y our experience and the excellence of your creations....samples would be the clincher!! You can't beat the "home made" touch to baked goods and pastry!!!!

Angie said...

Oh, how I adore Little Italy SOOOOOO jealous!