Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boston Museum of Science

I admit it, we are NERDS! Yesterday, Owen tells us that a boy in his class asked him if he's been to the Museum of Science. Well of course, we have to make immediate plans to correct this over-site! So today we went to the Museum of Science. It was fun and we spent a few hours there.

These geometric "wands" were being dipped in bubbles and making really cool shapes.

This was a really cool board explaining projection.

This was the side view of the projection exhibit.

This was the view from the end peek-hole. Way Cool!

Here was the board explaining probability.

This was the cool exhibit. Balls were coming from a hole in the top center and randomly coming down through the pegs. The end result was a cool "bell curve" formation at the bottom.

Owen trying to fill a box with hexagon blocks.


Owen making a magnetic picture with small colored chains.

A model of how the pyramids were built.

Allie demonstrating how to brush teeth.

Now I liked this exhibit!

That's one BIG tree.

If you've seen Star Wars, you know what this is.

My little paleontologist.


george said...

Totally Awesome!!!! I would bet that you could spend days there and still not take in everything!! Another educational adventure!!! The kids are going to be so impacted by all of some ways ahead of the pack back in Kansas....seeing all of this...hands on....up close and personal...Spectacular!! Priceless!!

scott davidson said...

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