Saturday, September 4, 2010

Whale Watching

I'm not sure where to begin... Today was the BIGGEST, LONGEST day we've had here in Boston. At 8:00 this morning, we decided to go whale watching. The boat was leaving at 10:30. So after getting dressed, packing our backpack and some quick walking and a train ride... we caught the boat.

Here is the breakdown of our trip, in numbers.

4 hours on a boat
2 bags of jelly beans
47 pictures taken
5 barf bags (yep!!!)
8 wet wipes
50 whales seen (at least)

It was ALL worth it. I got this photo.

My little man seeing his first whale in the ocean. "Happy Belated Birthday, Owen!"


peanut3762 said...

I love the look of wonder on his face. I also wonder what your face looked like at seeing his awe.

george said...

A Picture paints a thousand words...Priceless!!! I also wonder what you must have thought on seeing Owen's responses!