Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Young at Heart

Photo taken the night before we flew to Boston.

I've always heard that "age is a state of mind". My mom is the picture that is by that quote. When we moved out here to Boston, we were sad that we would be leaving our family. But my mom decided to turn this into a great opportunity to see parts of the United States that she's always wanted to see. Her husband and her loaded up their car (with a few things we forgot!) and left over a week ago on their "Excellent Adventure". They've been keeping a blog of the places they have seen and stayed at. They have no time limit, so they are making their route up as they go. Hopefully, in the next few days they will make it to Cambridge to visit for a couple of days. Then they are off again. Oh, to be young at heart... I hope I grow up to be like my mom!

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Emz said...

Love this post.
I too love seeing my parents off traveling the globe.

So awesome.