Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boys Day in Boston 9/19/10

Today "The Boys" went for an adventure in Boston. Daddy had it all planned. The two of them left after breakfast and made a pit-stop at the Museum of Fine Art. Then lunch at Panera and on to Fenway for a Red Sox baseball game. Daddy even bought Owen a video game that he's been wanting. They got home at dinner time...happy and tired! I'm so glad they got to do it. Now Allie is eager for her next Daddy Date.

The Boys getting ready to leave.

Their tickets for the baseball game.

The boys RETURN!!!

That is one HAPPY boy!

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george said...

Awesome!!!! A great "Time Out" from a hectic schedule for Jake....and personal time for Owen....making and taking time!!!!The "experience".....Priceless!!! Those pictures are worth a thousand words!!