Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's HOT!!!

So where do we go... Frog Pond! This is the fountain right by the train station entrance. We brought our lunches, so we played at the playground and ate. Then went and waded in the pool. It was a perfect day. We even met our first "friend". Allie met her at the playground. Her name is Madi and she is 5 years old. Her mom's name is Chris and they lived in the Boston area. This mom was so nice. She noticed that my daughter and hers were playing together and she tells me, "Your kids are amazing!" Not one to argue with that fact, I simply said Thanks. She then tells me how most kids are scared of Madi because she is different. This is when I look closer at the kids playing. Madi is big for her age and has some speech issues. Her mom tells me that they are studying her at Children's Hospital because she has an extremely rare chromosome disorder. They tested her when she was born for Down's and she came up with a new result. Then she speaks up and says, "Your kids look at others and see who they are on the inside, not what the outside looks like." I almost started crying when she says this. I love my children! The girls played together for about 30 minutes, then they had to leave. So I got Chris's cell phone number and we agreed to set up some play dates at local parks next week. Not to be left out, Owen then searches for a boy to play with. He always tends to find one around the same size as him, no matter what language they speak... PLAYING is the universal language.

Allie checking out the spray park.


It's time to get WET!

Allie and her new friend, Madi.

Owen making multi-cultural connections.


peanut3762 said...

That is soooo AWESOME! She comes by it naturally, remember all of the people we have befriended over the years. Especially at the nursing home. Memories. Gotta love the kids!!! Being raised right, that is for certain!

george said...

Amen....Jennie....a good foundation...Carrie, you and Jake are giving those kids something PRICELESS! Allie and Owen are simply AWESOME!! I may be biased...but the truth always comes through....