Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Apparently there is some unwritten etiquette rule that says it's inappropriate to post pictures of toilets. Which is TOO BAD! Because I've got a DOOZIE!!! Here's the story behind the elusive photo.

Last night after tucking the kids into bed, Jake went into the bathroom and shut the door. I proceeded to walk down the hall towards our room. Just as I was passing the bathroom door, I hear this awful gurgling sound, like something was coming up the pipes and into the bathroom through the toilet. You know, like the sound of the ooze or the zombie-mind-eating slugs that come to find their next victim. (Nice image, huh?) So I figured what-ever it was, Jake could handle it and continued to our room. Then I hear him say, "Carrie, you've GOT to come see this!" So I cautiously open the door thinking I'll either be grossed out, or die laughing at the scene on the other side. (It was the later.) I see Jake standing there, by the toilet with it's seat up and it is OVER-FLOWING with BUBBLES!!!! Yeah, you read that right! BUBBLES!!!! Not water, or worse... BUBBLES!!! Like how sometimes people will put detergent in fountains as a joke. After a few flushes, they all disappear. Jake walks past me and says, "This is why I hate apartments."

Lucky for us, this was an easy fix. No plumber needed. But that sure would have been a funny phone call to make!!!


Emz said...

I say to heck with the toilet ban!!

Next time - camera out and clickin'!!

george said...

Let the "Scrubbing Bubbles" clean your stool....Thank God it was that....and not something gross! Somebody probably has a warped sense of humor....getting their jollies....at your expense....I wonder how many people in the complex got the same surprise???

Angie said...

Where is my picture!Who is giving you these stupid rules? Don't believe them!