Saturday, September 11, 2010

Belkin Family Lookout Farm

Today it was beautiful! We loaded up the car and drove to Natick, MA. I had read on-line that there was a nice farm there that you could go and pick your own apples. This place blew my expectations away! It was awesome!!! I'll just show some of the highlights.

The crew on the train heading to the first stop.

Allie has found some apples.

"Look what I got!"

Owen and daddy were in the row over from us.

He's the Apple of my EYE!

The duo look A LOT a like in this photo!

Daddy reached over a fence to pick this one... BUSTED!

The canopy of the walkway and train track was concord grapes.

Owen wanted to try them.

Not what he was expecting!

Allie's turn.

Yeah, she's spitting it out.

A neat tree house.

Allie got her wish... she's riding a pony!

Allie in the Moonwalk.

Owen in the Moonwalk.

My little "butterfly girl".

Searching for the PERFECT pumpkin.

Train ride back to the barn.

Allie has found hers.

Owen got his.

The area was so wonderful. The weather was perfect. And we had an excellent family trip.

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george said... worth a thousand words...the experience....Priceless!! Just a few of the many, many adventures in the Boston year....